20 Best Tom Jones Songs of All Time (Greatest Hits)

20 Best Tom Jones Songs of All Time

Tom Jones, the Welsh superstar with a voice that can melt hearts, has given us numerous timeless hits throughout his illustrious career. From the swinging sixties to the present day, Jones has been an enduring icon of music. In this list, we will take you on a journey through the 20 best Tom Jones songs of all time, showcasing his incredible vocal range and captivating performances.

“It’s Not Unusual” (1965)

“It’s Not Unusual” catapulted Tom Jones to international stardom. With its infectious melody and Jones’ unmistakable voice, this song became an anthem of the swinging sixties.

“Delilah” (1968)

Delilah” is a passionate and dramatic song that showcases Jones’ powerful vocals. It tells a compelling story of love and betrayal that still resonates with audiences today.

“What’s New Pussycat?” (1965)

This catchy tune perfectly captures the spirit of the ’60s and became one of Tom Jones’ signature songs, known for its playful lyrics and energetic rhythm.

“She’s a Lady” (1971)

An ode to women’s empowerment, “She’s a Lady” is an enduring hit that showcases Jones’ versatility and charisma.

“Green, Green Grass of Home” (1966)

A haunting ballad about longing and home, this song is one of Tom Jones’ most emotional performances, guaranteed to tug at your heartstrings.

“Sex Bomb” (1999)

Sex Bomb” this modern classic is an upbeat and infectious track that proves Jones’ ability to stay relevant through the decades.

“Kiss” (1988)

Jones’ cover of Prince’s “Kiss” adds his own unique flair to the song, creating a sultry and fun rendition that’s hard to resist.

“I Who Have Nothing” (1970)

Tom Jones’ rendition of this classic song is filled with raw emotion, making it a standout in his discography.

“Thunderball” (1965)

As the theme song for the James Bond film of the same name, “Thunderball” is a powerful, cinematic track that showcases Jones’ incredible vocal range.

“Love Me Tonight” (1969)

“Love Me Tonight” is a romantic and beautifully sung ballad, emphasizing Tom Jones’ remarkable voice.

“Help Yourself” (1968)

With its upbeat melody and Jones’ charismatic delivery, “Help Yourself” is an irresistible tune that has stood the test of time.

“I’ll Never Fall in Love Again” (1967)

This heart-wrenching ballad captures the pain of lost love, and Jones’ rendition is unforgettable.

“Mama Told Me Not to Come” (1967)

Tom Jones’ collaboration with the band Three Dog Night resulted in a lively and memorable hit, full of energy and excitement.

“Daughter of Darkness” (1970)

A darker and more mysterious track in Jones’ repertoire, “Daughter of Darkness” showcases his versatility as an artist.

“Till” (1968)

This beautiful love song demonstrates Tom Jones’ ability to deliver heartfelt ballads that resonate with listeners.

“Detroit City” (1967)

“Detroit City” is a country-infused tune that highlights Jones’ diverse musical talent, combining his distinctive voice with a compelling story.

“I’m Coming Home” (1967)

This uplifting and optimistic song is a testament to Jones’ enduring appeal and ability to convey powerful emotions through his music.

“Puppet Man” (1971)

“Puppet Man” is a groovy and fun track that exemplifies the lighter side of Tom Jones’ repertoire.

“I’m Never Gonna Fall in Love Again” (1967)

Jones’ emotive vocals shine in this melancholic ballad, making it a must-listen for fans of his work.

“Love Is in the Air” (2000)

In “Love Is in the Air,” Tom Jones brings his timeless style to a more contemporary track, proving that his voice is ageless.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is “It’s Not Unusual” considered the best Tom Jones song of all time?

While “It’s Not Unusual” is undoubtedly one of Tom Jones’ most iconic songs, the determination of the best Tom Jones song can vary from person to person. It is certainly a classic and holds a special place in his discography, but other songs, such as “Delilah,” “Green, Green Grass of Home,” and “She’s a Lady,” are equally celebrated by fans and critics.

What makes Tom Jones’ rendition of “Green, Green Grass of Home” stand out among his songs?

“Green, Green Grass of Home” stands out due to its poignant and emotional storytelling. The song’s theme of longing for home and the haunting quality of Tom Jones’ vocals make it a powerful and memorable track in his career. It’s considered one of his most moving performances.

Are there any more recent Tom Jones songs on the list of the best of all time?

Yes, there are some more recent Tom Jones songs included in the list of the best of all time, such as “Sex Bomb” and “Love Is in the Air.” These songs demonstrate his ability to adapt to changing musical styles and maintain his relevance in the industry.

How has Tom Jones maintained his popularity over the years, and what role do these songs play in that legacy?

Tom Jones has maintained his popularity through his exceptional vocal talent, charismatic stage presence, and an evolving musical style that resonates with new generations. The songs on this list have played a significant role in his legacy by showcasing his versatility and ability to connect with audiences across different eras, ensuring his continued relevance in the world of music.

Tom Jones’ career has been a journey through decades of musical evolution, and these 20 songs represent the best of his incredible body of work. From rock ‘n’ roll to ballads, Jones has left an indelible mark on the music industry, and his songs continue to resonate with audiences of all ages.

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