10 Best TobyMac Songs of All Time (Greatest Hits)

10 Best TobyMac Songs of All Time (Greatest Hits)

Introducing the definitive list of TobyMac’s greatest hits! From infectious anthems to soul-stirring ballads, join us as we celebrate the remarkable career of one of Christian music’s most influential artists. Dive into the dynamic sounds and uplifting messages that have made TobyMac a household name, and discover the timeless tracks that have left an indelible mark on the hearts of listeners worldwide.

“Feel It” (feat. Mr. Talkbox)

“Feel It” is an electrifying anthem that blends infectious beats with uplifting lyrics. With its catchy hooks and high-energy vibe, the song encourages listeners to embrace the joy of life and faith. Its vibrant production and powerful message make it a standout track in TobyMac’s repertoire.

“I just need U.”

“I just need U.” is a soulful reflection on the struggles and triumphs of faith. With its poignant lyrics and infectious rhythm, the song speaks to the universal desire for redemption and grace. Its heartfelt sincerity and dynamic arrangement make it a standout track on TobyMac’s album “The Elements.”

“Made to Love”

“Made to Love” is a joyful celebration of God’s unconditional love for humanity. With its upbeat tempo and catchy melody, the song exudes a sense of gratitude and devotion. Its infectious chorus and uplifting message make it a standout track on TobyMac’s album “Portable Sounds.”

“Me Without You”

“Me Without You” is an upbeat and infectious anthem that celebrates the transformative power of faith. With its irresistible groove and catchy hooks, the song reminds listeners of the joy and freedom found in God’s love. Its positive message and energetic delivery make it a standout track on TobyMac’s album “Eye on It.”

“Speak Life”

“Speak Life” is a soul-stirring ballad that encourages listeners to use their words to uplift and inspire. With its heartfelt lyrics and stirring melody, the song reminds us of the impact of kindness and encouragement. Its powerful message and emotional resonance make it a standout track on TobyMac’s album “Eye on It.”

“Lights Shine Bright” (feat. Hollyn)

“Lights Shine Bright” is a vibrant anthem that celebrates the light and hope found in Christ. With its infectious beat and catchy chorus, the song radiates with positivity and joy. Its dynamic collaboration with Hollyn and uplifting message make it a standout track on TobyMac’s album “This Is Not a Test.”

“Funky Jesus Music” (feat. Beckah Shae & Siti Monroe)

“Funky Jesus Music” is a fun and energetic track that fuses hip hop with Christian themes. With its catchy hooks and infectious rhythm, the song celebrates the freedom and joy found in worship. Its dynamic collaboration with Beckah Shae and Siti Monroe and vibrant production make it a standout track on TobyMac’s album “Tonight.”

“City on Our Knees”

“City on Our Knees” is a powerful anthem that calls for unity and love in the face of adversity. With its soaring melody and uplifting lyrics, the song inspires listeners to come together in faith and hope. Its anthemic quality and heartfelt sincerity make it a standout track on TobyMac’s album “Tonight.”


“Gone” is a heartfelt tribute to TobyMac’s late son, Truett Foster McKeehan. With its poignant lyrics and emotional delivery, the song reflects on loss and the promise of reunion in heaven. Its raw honesty and heartfelt sentiment make it a standout track on TobyMac’s album “Eye’m All Mixed Up.”

“Get Back Up”

“Get Back Up” is an empowering anthem that encourages listeners to persevere in the face of adversity. With its anthemic chorus and dynamic production, the song reminds us that setbacks are not the end of our story. Its uplifting message and energetic vibe make it a standout track on TobyMac’s album “Tonight.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What criteria were utilized to determine the “best” TobyMac songs for this compilation of his greatest hits?

The process of selecting the 10 best TobyMac songs of all time involved a thorough evaluation based on several factors. These criteria included elements such as commercial success, critical acclaim, enduring popularity among fans, cultural impact, lyrical depth, musical innovation, and the overall significance of the songs in TobyMac’s career and the Christian music genre. By carefully considering these aspects, we aimed to curate a collection that authentically represents the essence of TobyMac’s musical legacy.

Are any of TobyMac’s lesser-known songs featured in this compilation of his best tracks?

While this compilation primarily highlights TobyMac’s greatest hits, we also made efforts to include some lesser-known gems that hold significance within his extensive discography. These songs may not have achieved the same level of mainstream success as his chart-topping hits, but they nonetheless showcase TobyMac’s versatility as an artist and contribute to the diverse range of his musical repertoire.

Do the selected TobyMac songs span across different albums and periods of his career?

Yes, the selection of the 10 best TobyMac songs encompasses a broad spectrum of albums and periods throughout his illustrious career. From his early solo breakthroughs to his more recent works, the compilation aims to provide a comprehensive representation of TobyMac’s evolution as a musician and his enduring impact on the Christian music scene.

Is there a specific order or ranking applied to the 10 best TobyMac songs in this compilation?

While each song included in this compilation is regarded as one of TobyMac’s finest works, they are not necessarily ranked in a specific order. Instead, the focus lies on celebrating the individual merit and significance of each track, allowing listeners to appreciate the breadth and depth of TobyMac’s musical legacy without adhering to a rigid hierarchy.

Are any collaborations or featured appearances by TobyMac included in this compilation?

This compilation is dedicated solely to TobyMac’s solo songs and does not feature collaborations or guest appearances by other artists. By concentrating exclusively on TobyMac’s music, we aim to showcase his unique style, heartfelt lyrics, and contributions as a solo artist, offering listeners a cohesive and immersive experience of his musical journey.

How do TobyMac’s songs resonate with listeners across different demographics?

TobyMac’s songs resonate with listeners from diverse backgrounds and demographics thanks to their uplifting messages, catchy rhythms, and genre-defying sound. Whether it’s the infectious beats of “Feel It” or the introspective depth of “Speak Life,” TobyMac’s music transcends cultural boundaries, inspiring audiences of all ages and beliefs with its positive and empowering themes.

Can listeners expect any surprises or hidden gems among TobyMac’s best songs in this compilation?

While the compilation predominantly features TobyMac’s most iconic hits, listeners may encounter some surprises or hidden gems that offer fresh insights into his musical artistry. Whether rediscovering classic favorites or discovering lesser-known tracks, this compilation promises to provide a captivating journey through the remarkable career of TobyMac.

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