20 Best Songs About The Morning

20 Best Songs About The Morning

Celebrate the spirit of dawn with the ’20 Best Songs About The Morning.’ From iconic classics to modern melodies, these songs capture the tranquility and energy of daybreak, offering a diverse array of musical reflections and emotions that encapsulate the promise and possibilities the morning brings.

“Here Comes the Sun” by The Beatles

The Beatles’ “Here Comes the Sun” is a timeless ode to the morning’s arrival. Released in 1969, George Harrison’s melodic tribute captures the essence of a new day, conveying a sense of hope and renewal. Its upbeat rhythm and cheerful lyrics celebrate the sun’s emergence, making it an iconic morning anthem that resonates with listeners worldwide.

“Morning Has Broken” by Cat Stevens

Cat Stevens’ “Morning Has Broken,” released in 1971, is a serene and reflective song that celebrates the beauty of the morning. With its gentle melody and evocative lyrics, the song acknowledges the tranquility and spiritual awakening that comes with the break of dawn. It remains a cherished classic, embracing the essence of a peaceful and hopeful morning.

“Good Morning” by Kanye West

“Good Morning” by Kanye West, from the album “Graduation” released in 2007, is an uplifting hip-hop track. West’s lyrics celebrate personal growth and the promise of a new day, reflecting on his journey and aspirations. The song’s energetic beat and motivational message make it a perfect start to any morning playlist.

“Rise and Shine” by Kylie Minogue

Kylie Minogue’s “Rise and Shine,” released in 2000, is an empowering pop anthem. The song’s vibrant rhythm and empowering lyrics encourage seizing the day and embracing the morning’s energy. It serves as a reminder to start each day with enthusiasm and a positive outlook.

“Morning Dew” by Bonnie Dobson (Covered by various artists)

Originally written by Bonnie Dobson, “Morning Dew” is a haunting folk song that has been covered by numerous artists. The song’s melancholic lyrics and poignant melody depict a scene of a post-apocalyptic morning, contemplating the aftermath of a catastrophic event.

“Early Morning Rain” by Gordon Lightfoot

Gordon Lightfoot’s “Early Morning Rain,” released in 1966, is a folk classic. The song’s introspective lyrics and soothing melody evoke the feeling of contemplation during an early morning, expressing a sense of longing and wanderlust.

“Morning Glory” by Oasis

“Morning Glory” by Oasis, from the 1995 album of the same name, is a Britpop anthem. The song’s energetic sound and invigorating lyrics symbolize the dawn of a new day, capturing a sense of exuberance and potential.

“Mornings” by Portugal. The Man

Portugal. The Man’s “Mornings,” released in 2006, is an indie rock song that contemplates the quiet, reflective moments of the early hours. Its dreamy melodies and thought-provoking lyrics create a contemplative atmosphere for the morning.

“New Morning” by Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan’s “New Morning,” the title track of his 1970 album, is a mellow and optimistic song. The lyrics express a hopeful outlook on the day ahead, reflecting on new beginnings and fresh starts.

“Morning Song” by The Avett Brothers

The Avett Brothers’ “Morning Song,” from their album “Magpie and the Dandelion” released in 2013, is a folk-rock tune celebrating the beauty of a sunrise. The song’s poetic lyrics and harmonic melodies evoke a sense of renewal and appreciation for the morning light.

“Beautiful Day” by U2

U2’s “Beautiful Day,” from their 2000 album “All That You Can’t Leave Behind,” is an anthemic track that celebrates the beauty of life’s simple moments. The song’s uplifting message and vibrant sound evoke a sense of optimism, making it an ideal morning song.

“Morning” by Beck

Beck’s “Morning,” from the album “Morning Phase” released in 2014, is an ethereal instrumental piece. Its gentle and soothing melodies capture the tranquility of the morning, providing a serene soundtrack for a peaceful start to the day.

“Sunrise” by Norah Jones

“Sunrise” by Norah Jones, from her 2004 album “Feels Like Home,” is a soulful jazz-infused song. The smooth and evocative vocals paired with the song’s lyrics encapsulate the warmth and promise of a new morning.

“Early in the Morning” by Harry Nilsson

Harry Nilsson’s “Early in the Morning,” released in 1968, is a cheerful and infectious song. The upbeat rhythm and carefree lyrics capture the joyous spirit of starting a new day.

“Morning Train (Nine to Five)” by Sheena Easton

“Morning Train (Nine to Five)” by Sheena Easton, released in 1980, is an upbeat pop track celebrating the daily routine of starting the day with work. Its catchy melody and relatable lyrics became an instant hit.

“Dawn” by Frank Sinatra

“Dawn” by Frank Sinatra, released in 1957, is a romantic ballad that captures the beauty of the early morning hours. Sinatra’s smooth vocals and the song’s tender lyrics create a serene atmosphere.

“Wake Up Boo!” by The Boo Radleys

“Wake Up Boo!” by The Boo Radleys, from the album “Wake Up!” released in 1995, is an infectious indie pop song. Its catchy melody and uplifting lyrics create an energizing atmosphere for a lively morning.

“The Morning” by The Weeknd

“The Morning” by The Weeknd, from the mixtape “House of Balloons” released in 2011, is a soulful R&B track. Its smooth beats and introspective lyrics reflect on the lifestyle of the early morning hours.

“Morning Light” by Justin Timberlake feat. Alicia Keys

“Morning Light” by Justin Timberlake featuring Alicia Keys, from the album “Man of the Woods” released in 2018, is a romantic duet. The song’s soulful harmonies and heartfelt lyrics create an intimate ambiance for the morning.

“Good Morning, Good Morning” by The Beatles

“Good Morning, Good Morning” by The Beatles, released in 1967, is a lively rock track. With its vibrant energy and cheerful lyrics, the song encapsulates the buzz and activity of a bright and promising morning.

These songs encapsulate the spirit and various moods of mornings, offering a diverse array of melodies and lyrics to accompany the start of a new day.

Frequently Asked Questions

What criteria were considered in selecting the ’20 Best Songs About The Morning’?

The selection process encompassed various factors, including lyrical themes, musical significance, cultural impact, and the ability of the songs to encapsulate the essence of the morning.

Do these songs cover specific musical genres or a wide range of styles?

The compilation covers a diverse range of musical genres such as pop, rock, folk, jazz, and more, presenting a varied musical landscape for morning-themed songs.

Are the songs in this list primarily upbeat or do they encompass reflective morning tunes too?

The list includes a mix of both energetic and reflective songs, capturing various moods and emotions associated with the morning, from the vibrant to the contemplative.

Do these songs relate to the morning in terms of lyrics, melodies, or both?

Each song was chosen for its ability to convey the essence of mornings through a combination of lyrics, melodies, and overall mood, creating a vivid musical representation of daybreak.

Are these songs well-known classics or more recent releases?

The list consists of a blend of iconic classics and contemporary releases, offering a mix of timeless morning anthems and more recent musical reflections of the morning.

Were there geographical or cultural considerations in selecting these songs?

The selection aimed to incorporate a diverse array of cultural influences and geographical origins, providing a global perspective on the theme of morning in music.

How can these songs enrich the listener’s morning experience?

Each song offers a unique musical experience, inspiring a range of emotions from tranquility to energy, providing an uplifting and varied soundtrack to enhance the morning ambiance for listeners.

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