20 Best Reba McEntire Songs of All Time (Greatest Hits)

20 Best Reba McEntire Songs of All Time

Reba McEntire is a legendary country artist whose career has spanned several decades, and her music has touched the hearts of millions. In this list, we’ve gathered the 20 best Reba McEntire songs of all time, celebrating her incredible talent and the impact she’s had on the world of country music.

“Fancy” (1990)

Reba’s rendition of “Fancy” is a powerful anthem of empowerment and transformation. With its fierce storytelling and McEntire’s passionate vocals, it’s become a classic in her repertoire.

“The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia” (1991)

This haunting ballad showcases Reba’s storytelling prowess. Her voice weaves a tale of mystery and intrigue, making this one of her most memorable tracks.

“Is There Life Out There” (1992)

A song about self-discovery and following one’s dreams, “Is There Life Out There” struck a chord with many listeners, emphasizing the importance of pursuing your aspirations.

“Does He Love You” (1993)

A duet with Linda Davis, this emotional song delves into the complexities of love and infidelity, leaving a lasting impression with its poignant lyrics and vocal delivery.

“Consider Me Gone” (2009)

This up-tempo track explores the realization that a relationship has run its course. Reba’s confident and assertive vocals make it an instant favorite.

“You Lie” (1990)

With its catchy melody and sassy lyrics, “You Lie” is a quintessential country song. Reba’s feisty attitude shines through as she confronts deceit in a relationship.

“I’m a Survivor” (2001)

Known as the theme song for her TV show, “Reba,” this uplifting track is an anthem of resilience and strength, resonating with many who face life’s challenges head-on.

“The Heart Won’t Lie” (1993)

Another beautiful duet, this time with Vince Gill, “The Heart Won’t Lie” tells the story of forbidden love. The chemistry between McEntire and Gill is undeniable.

“Because of You” (2005)

Collaborating with Kelly Clarkson, Reba created a powerful song about the impact of a troubled childhood on one’s life. It’s a moving ballad with a universal message.

“Whoever’s in New England” (1986)

This classic country ballad earned Reba her first Grammy award. It’s a tale of longing and suspicion, with McEntire’s emotive vocals at the forefront.

“The Greatest Man I Never Knew” (1992)

A heart-wrenching exploration of familial relationships and regret, this song showcases Reba’s ability to convey deep emotions through her music.

“And Still” (1995)

“And Still” is a poignant reflection on the enduring nature of love. Reba’s sincerity and vulnerability in this song are truly touching.

“Why Haven’t I Heard from You” (1994)

An upbeat, catchy tune, this song expresses the frustration of waiting for a call that never comes. It’s a country classic that’s impossible not to sing along to.

“For My Broken Heart” (1991)

The title track of an album released after a personal tragedy, this song captures the grief and healing process in a way that only Reba could.

“She Thinks His Name Was John” (1994)

This powerful song sheds light on the sensitive topic of AIDS, emphasizing the importance of compassion and understanding.

“If You See Him / If You See Her” (1998)

A duet with Brooks & Dunn, this song beautifully depicts the emotions of lost love and the desire to reconnect, showcasing the magic of their combined talents.

“Cathy’s Clown” (1989)

Reba’s take on this Everly Brothers classic puts her own spin on heartbreak and betrayal, proving her ability to reinvent timeless songs.

“Somebody” (2004)

A song about finding love when you least expect it, “Somebody” is a feel-good track that reminds us that love can come at any stage in life.

“You’re Gonna Be” (2005)

This touching ballad celebrates the journey of parenthood, conveying the profound love between a mother and child.

“I Keep on Lovin’ You” (2009)

Closing our list is this heartfelt love song, exemplifying Reba’s enduring presence in country music with her signature vocal grace.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Reba McEntire’s most famous song?

Reba McEntire’s most famous song is arguably “Fancy.” This empowering country anthem, released in 1990, has become a timeless classic and is often considered one of her signature tracks. Its compelling storytelling and McEntire’s powerful vocals have left an indelible mark on the country music landscape.

How many albums has Reba McEntire released throughout her career?

Over her long and illustrious career, Reba McEntire has released a total of 33 studio albums, including her debut self-titled album in 1977. Her discography spans a wide range of country music styles, showcasing her versatility and enduring success in the industry.

Has Reba McEntire won any major music awards during her career?

Yes, Reba McEntire has received numerous awards and accolades for her contributions to the music industry. She has won multiple Grammy Awards, Country Music Association Awards, and Academy of Country Music Awards. Her impact on country music is reflected in her impressive collection of honors and recognition.

Is Reba McEntire known for her songwriting as well as her singing?

While Reba McEntire is primarily celebrated for her exceptional singing and performing abilities, she has also ventured into songwriting. She has co-written several of her songs, including “Is There Life Out There” and “Fear of Being Alone.” Her talents extend beyond the stage, encompassing songcraft as well.

What are some of Reba McEntire’s other notable songs, apart from the classics mentioned earlier?

In addition to her iconic hits, Reba McEntire has numerous other noteworthy songs in her repertoire. Tracks like “The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia,” “Because of You,” “You Lie,” and “The Greatest Man I Never Knew” have resonated with fans and critics alike, showcasing her range and emotional depth as an artist.

These 20 songs represent the incredible talent and versatility of Reba McEntire. Her music has left an indelible mark on the country genre, and these tracks continue to resonate with fans old and new, making her an enduring icon in the world of music.

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