20 Best Kelly Clarkson Songs of All Time (Greatest Hits)

20 Best Kelly Clarkson Songs of All Time

Kelly Clarkson, the inaugural winner of American Idol, has solidified her place in the music industry with her powerful vocals and emotional performances. With a career spanning over two decades, she has delivered numerous chart-toppers and anthems that have resonated with fans worldwide. In this blog post, we’ll take a nostalgic journey through the 20 best Kelly Clarkson songs of all time, each with its unique charm and unforgettable melodies.

“Since U Been Gone” (2004)

A pop-rock anthem that catapulted Clarkson to superstardom, “Since U Been Gone” is an empowering breakup anthem. With its explosive chorus and Clarkson’s dynamic vocals, the song became an instant classic, earning her a Grammy Award for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance.

“Because of You” (2005)

Known for its emotional depth, “Because of You” showcases Clarkson’s vulnerability and raw storytelling. The haunting ballad explores the aftermath of a broken relationship, and Clarkson’s soul-stirring delivery earned her critical acclaim and resonated with fans on a personal level.

“Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)” (2011)

An anthem of resilience, “Stronger” is a testament to Clarkson’s strength and determination. The infectious beat and empowering lyrics earned her another Grammy Award for Best Pop Vocal Album and solidified the song’s place as one of her most iconic hits.

“Breakaway” (2004)

Title track from her second album, “Breakaway” is an uplifting song about self-discovery and pursuing dreams. Its optimistic message and Clarkson’s heartfelt vocals make it a standout track, becoming synonymous with personal growth and empowerment.

“Behind These Hazel Eyes” (2004)

A rock-infused ballad, “Behind These Hazel Eyes” delves into the pain of heartbreak and betrayal. The song’s emotional intensity, coupled with Clarkson’s vocal prowess, creates a gripping listening experience that resonates with anyone who has experienced the sting of a broken relationship.

“Piece by Piece” (2015)

A poignant reflection on family and love, “Piece by Piece” showcases Clarkson’s ability to convey deep emotions. The stripped-down arrangement and heartfelt lyrics tell a personal story, making it a standout track in her discography.

Miss Independent” (2003)

A declaration of independence, “Miss Independent” established Clarkson as a force to be reckoned with. The funky pop track celebrates self-confidence and individuality, earning her admiration for her bold and empowering persona.

“My Life Would Suck Without You” (2009)

A catchy and energetic pop anthem, “My Life Would Suck Without You” marked Clarkson’s return to the music scene after a brief hiatus. The song’s infectious chorus and upbeat tempo showcased her versatility as an artist and quickly became a fan favorite.

“Already Gone” (2009)

Known for its bittersweet lyrics and emotional delivery, “Already Gone” is a poignant ballad that explores the complexities of love and heartbreak. Despite its melancholic undertones, the song captivates listeners with its beautiful melody and Clarkson’s soulful vocals.

“Heartbeat Song” (2015)


A feel-good pop track, “Heartbeat Song” is a celebration of love and new beginnings. The song’s catchy hooks and upbeat vibe showcase Clarkson’s ability to deliver infectious pop tunes while maintaining her signature vocal prowess.

“A Moment Like This” (2002)

As the song that marked her victory on American Idol, “A Moment Like This” is a powerful ballad that captures the essence of triumph and accomplishment. The song’s emotional resonance and Clarkson’s heartfelt performance make it a standout in her early career.

“Invincible” (2015)

Collaborating with Sia, “Invincible” is an anthemic pop-rock track that showcases Clarkson’s vocal range. The empowering lyrics and powerful production make it a standout in her repertoire, earning praise for its message of strength and perseverance.

“Low” (2003)

A hidden gem from her debut album, “Low” is a soulful and bluesy track that highlights Clarkson’s versatility as an artist. The song’s understated beauty and Clarkson’s emotive delivery make it a must-listen for fans who appreciate her diverse musical influences.

“Never Again” (2007)

A rock-infused breakup anthem, “Never Again” explores the aftermath of a toxic relationship. The song’s gritty edge and Clarkson’s passionate vocals convey a sense of liberation and empowerment, making it a standout track in her mid-career discography.

“I Do Not Hook Up” (2009)

A catchy and empowering anthem about self-respect, “I Do Not Hook Up” is a standout track from Clarkson’s fourth studio album. The song’s infectious chorus and sassy lyrics showcase her ability to deliver memorable pop-rock hits with a message.

“Wrapped in Red” (2013)

The title track from her holiday album, “Wrapped in Red” is a festive and heartwarming tune that showcases Clarkson’s versatility. The song’s jazzy undertones and Clarkson’s festive delivery make it a holiday favorite that stands the test of time.

“People Like Us” (2012)

An anthemic pop track with a message of unity, “People Like Us” is a standout in Clarkson’s catalog. The song’s uplifting lyrics and infectious energy make it a feel-good anthem that resonates with listeners of all ages.

“Mr. Know It All” (2011)

A sassy and confident anthem, “Mr. Know It All” is a pop-rock gem that showcases Clarkson’s attitude and vocal prowess. The song’s catchy hooks and empowering lyrics make it a standout track in her post-American Idol career.

“Tie It Up” (2013)

A departure from her usual sound, “Tie It Up” is a country-infused track that showcases Clarkson’s versatility. The upbeat and celebratory song, centered around love and marriage, adds a fun and playful element to her discography.

“Underneath the Tree” (2013)

A modern holiday classic, “Underneath the Tree” is a joyous and festive tune that captures the spirit of the season. The song’s upbeat tempo, Clarkson’s jubilant vocals, and the festive instrumentation make it a must-listen during the holiday season.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which song catapulted Kelly Clarkson to fame after winning American Idol?

“Since U Been Gone” is the song that catapulted Kelly Clarkson to superstardom after her victory on American Idol in 2002. This pop-rock anthem not only showcased her vocal prowess but also became an iconic breakup anthem, earning her widespread acclaim and a Grammy Award for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance.

How has Kelly Clarkson’s music evolved throughout her career?

Kelly Clarkson’s music has evolved significantly throughout her career, reflecting her personal growth and changing influences. From her early pop-rock sound to exploring country and soul elements, Clarkson’s willingness to experiment has kept her music fresh and engaging. Whether delivering powerful ballads or catchy pop tunes, she consistently maintains her signature authenticity.

Which Kelly Clarkson song is known for its empowering message of resilience?

“Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)” is widely recognized for its empowering message of resilience. Released in 2011, this anthem became a chart-topper and earned Kelly Clarkson another Grammy Award for Best Pop Vocal Album. The song’s catchy chorus and motivational lyrics resonate with listeners facing challenges and setbacks.

Are there any hidden gems in Kelly Clarkson’s discography that might be overlooked?

One hidden gem in Kelly Clarkson’s discography is the soulful and bluesy track “Low” from her debut album. While not as widely recognized as some of her mainstream hits, this song highlights Clarkson’s versatility and showcases a different side of her musical artistry that might be appreciated by fans of diverse genres.

How has Kelly Clarkson’s personal life influenced her songwriting?

Kelly Clarkson’s songwriting often reflects her personal experiences, making her music relatable and authentic. Songs like “Because of You” and “Piece by Piece” delve into her emotions and relationships, allowing listeners to connect with the raw and honest narratives that define her work.

Which holiday song by Kelly Clarkson has become a modern classic?

“Underneath the Tree” has emerged as a modern holiday classic. Released in 2013, this festive tune captures the joyous spirit of the season with its upbeat tempo, jubilant vocals, and festive instrumentation, making it a staple during the holiday season.

How does Kelly Clarkson’s attitude and personality shine through in her music?

Kelly Clarkson’s attitude and personality shine through in songs like “Miss Independent” and “Mr. Know It All.” These tracks, characterized by their sassy and confident vibes, reflect her bold and empowering persona. Clarkson’s authenticity and unapologetic approach contribute to the enduring appeal of her music.

What role did “A Moment Like This” play in Kelly Clarkson’s early career?

“A Moment Like This” played a pivotal role in Kelly Clarkson’s early career as it was the song that marked her victory on the inaugural season of American Idol in 2002. This powerful ballad captures the essence of triumph and accomplishment, solidifying her status as a rising star in the music industry.

How has Kelly Clarkson’s impact extended beyond her music career?

Kelly Clarkson’s impact extends beyond her music career, as she has also become a recognized figure in the entertainment industry. Her authenticity, resilience, and advocacy for self-acceptance have resonated with fans, making her a positive influence. Additionally, her role as a coach on The Voice has allowed her to mentor and inspire aspiring artists, further contributing to her lasting legacy.

Kelly Clarkson’s musical journey has been marked by chart-topping hits, emotional ballads, and empowering anthems. From her early days as the American Idol champion to her status as a pop-rock powerhouse, Clarkson’s ability to connect with listeners through her authentic storytelling and powerhouse vocals has solidified her as one of the best in the industry. These 20 songs represent the pinnacle of her career, showcasing the depth and diversity that make Kelly Clarkson an enduring icon in the world of music.

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