20 Best Carly Pearce Songs of All Time (Greatest Hits)

20 Best Carly Pearce Songs of All Time

Carly Pearce has become a country music sensation with her heartfelt lyrics and mesmerizing voice. In this list, we’ll take a look at her 20 best songs of all time, each with a brief description that captures the essence of the track.

“Every Little Thing”

Pearce’s breakout hit, “Every Little Thing,” showcases her emotive vocals and emotional depth. The song beautifully conveys the pain of heartbreak and has become a fan favorite for its raw vulnerability.

“I Hope You’re Happy Now”

I Hope You’re Happy Now” A powerful duet with Lee Brice, this song tells a story of a past love reemerging and the bittersweet feelings that come with it. Pearce and Brice’s harmonies make this a standout track.

“Hide the Wine”

A catchy, uptempo tune that celebrates the feeling of being swept off your feet by someone special. Pearce’s playful delivery and clever lyrics make this song an irresistible hit.

“Next Girl”

This sassy and empowering song warns the “next girl” about a charming yet deceitful man. Carly’s feisty attitude shines through in this track.

“Closer to You”

A sweet love song that captures the excitement of being close to someone you adore. Carly’s angelic voice adds a touch of magic to this heartfelt track.

“It Won’t Always Be Like This”

Reflecting on the passage of time and the fleeting moments of life, this poignant ballad showcases Pearce’s ability to convey profound emotions through her music.

“Halfway Home”

An autobiographical song about Carly’s journey in the music industry, “Halfway Home” is a testament to her resilience and determination. It’s a touching narrative of her path to success.

“Doin’ It Right”

A song about living life to the fullest, “Doin’ It Right” is an anthem of making the most of every moment. Carly’s infectious enthusiasm shines through in this energetic track.

“You Kissed Me First”

A charming love song that captures the essence of a budding romance and the anticipation of that first kiss. Pearce’s warm vocals make this track utterly endearing.

“Call Me”

An emotional ballad that portrays the pain of unrequited love, “Call Me” is a heartbreaking yet beautifully sung and written track.

“If My Name Was Whiskey”

Carly’s sultry vocals shine in this song about the memories that linger like the taste of whiskey. It’s a hauntingly evocative track.

“Feel Somethin'”

A song about seeking a deeper connection in a world filled with distractions, “Feel Somethin'” explores the desire to break free from the mundane and truly live.

“Dashboard Jesus”

A heartfelt tribute to finding solace and guidance in the presence of a small dashboard figurine, this song is a unique blend of country storytelling and spiritual reflection.

“All the Whiskey in the World”

A soulful ballad that showcases Pearce’s vocal prowess, this track tells a tale of love that transcends all obstacles, including a bottle of whiskey.

“Catch Fire”

A song about the sparks of a passionate love, “Catch Fire” captures the intensity of a romantic connection. Carly’s passionate delivery adds depth to the track.

“I Need a Ride Home”

Reflecting on the feeling of longing and the desire for someone to take you home, this song’s emotive lyrics are beautifully complemented by Pearce’s vocal range.

“In the Meantime”

A track that explores the complexities of love and life, “In the Meantime” is a thought-provoking song that showcases Carly’s storytelling abilities.


A song about the regret of letting a good thing slip away, “Late” is a reflective ballad that captures the pain of missed opportunities and lost love.

“Day One”

A song about the enduring love between two people, “Day One” is a touching tribute to a long-lasting relationship. Pearce’s heartfelt delivery adds authenticity to the lyrics.

“Heart’s Going Out of Its Mind”

Closing our list, this heartfelt song explores the feeling of being head over heels in love, and Carly’s vocals beautifully convey the emotions of this poignant track.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which of Carly Pearce’s songs delve into her personal journey and experiences?

Carly Pearce often draws from her own life for inspiration in her music. “Halfway Home” is a biographical song that narrates her struggles and determination in the music industry, while “All the Whiskey in the World” reflects on a love that overcomes obstacles, including a bottle of whiskey. These tracks provide a glimpse into Pearce’s personal journey and the emotional depths she explores through her songwriting.

Are there any feel-good or energetic songs in Carly Pearce’s repertoire?

Indeed, Carly Pearce offers listeners a dose of upbeat and feel-good music. “Hide the Wine” is an irresistibly catchy and joyful song that celebrates the thrill of new love. “Doin’ It Right” is another energetic track that encourages living life to the fullest, reflecting Pearce’s infectious enthusiasm and positivity.

Which songs by Carly Pearce explore the complexities of love and relationships?

Several of Carly Pearce’s songs delve into the intricacies of love and relationships. “If My Name Was Whiskey” reflects on the lingering taste of past love like whiskey, while “Call Me” expresses the pain of unrequited love. Additionally, “Day One” is a touching tribute to enduring love and long-lasting relationships, showcasing Pearce’s ability to capture the complexities of human emotions.

Can you recommend a song that reflects Carly Pearce’s spiritual side and storytelling abilities?

“Dashboard Jesus” is a unique blend of country storytelling and spiritual reflection. In this song, Carly Pearce finds solace and guidance in a small dashboard figurine, and her emotive delivery and poignant lyrics make it a standout track that combines her spiritual side and storytelling prowess.

Carly Pearce’s music is a testament to her storytelling prowess and emotive singing, and these 20 songs represent the best of her impressive career. Whether you’re a long-time fan or a newcomer, these tracks are sure to leave a lasting impact on your heart.

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