20 Best Black Crowes Songs of All Time (Greatest Hits)

20 Best Black Crowes Songs of All Time

The Black Crowes, a rock band formed in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1984, have delivered some of the most iconic and enduring songs in the history of rock music. With their blend of blues, soul, and hard rock, the band has left an indelible mark on the industry. In this list, we’ll explore the 20 best Black Crowes songs of all time, each accompanied by a brief description of the song’s significance and impact.

“Hard to Handle”

From their 1990 debut album “Shake Your Money Maker,” this cover of Otis Redding’s classic is a powerhouse of energetic blues rock, showcasing the band’s raw talent and charismatic frontman, Chris Robinson.

“She Talks to Angels”

A haunting ballad from the same album, this acoustic gem is known for its emotional depth and evocative storytelling.


The lead single from their 1992 album “The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion,” this song is a blues-infused anthem, showcasing the Crowes’ signature sound.

“Thorn in My Pride”

This 10-minute epic from the same album takes listeners on a journey through intricate guitar work and soulful vocals, encapsulating the band’s musical prowess.

“Jealous Again”

Another track from “Shake Your Money Maker,” this song bursts with infectious energy and catchy lyrics.

“Wiser Time”

From the album “Amorica” (1994), this song blends country and rock influences, creating a soulful and reflective atmosphere.

“Twice As Hard”

An electrifying opener to their debut album, this song sets the stage for the Black Crowes’ unapologetic rock ‘n’ roll attitude.

“No Speak No Slave”

From “The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion,” this track is a hard-hitting showcase of the band’s musical dexterity.

“Seeing Things”

A deeply introspective song from “Amorica,” it highlights the band’s willingness to explore diverse musical territories.

“Sting Me”

This up-tempo rocker from “The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion” exudes positivity and showcases the Crowes’ ability to captivate their audience.

“Soul Singing”

From their 2001 album “Lions,” this track is a soulful, gospel-inspired piece that demonstrates the band’s evolution in sound.

“Hotel Illness”

A fan favorite from “The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion,” it features Chris Robinson’s distinctive vocal style and memorable guitar riffs.

“By Your Side”

The title track of their 1999 album, this song is a melodic, love-infused piece that resonates with fans.

“Cursed Diamond”

From “Amorica,” this track delves into the band’s blues roots and showcases their instrumental prowess.

“My Morning Song”

This epic song from “The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion” combines elements of rock, blues, and soul in a compelling narrative.

“Good Friday”

From their 2001 album “Lions,” this haunting song offers a glimpse into the darker, more introspective side of the Black Crowes.

“High Head Blues”

An edgy, blues-rock masterpiece from “The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion.”

“Girl from a Pawnshop”

A poignant and emotionally charged ballad from “Three Snakes and One Charm” (1996).

“Oh Josephine”

This soulful track from “Warpaint” (2008) demonstrates the band’s enduring ability to craft heartfelt songs.

“Kickin’ My Heart Around”

From “By Your Side,” this song blends classic rock and blues influences, offering a catchy and dynamic listening experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these songs ranked in any specific order?

No, the songs in the list of the best Black Crowes songs of all time are not ranked in any specific order.

Are there any particular albums or eras that dominate the list?

The list includes songs from various albums and eras of the Black Crowes’ career, showcasing the band’s evolution and versatility. While some songs come from their debut album “Shake Your Money Maker,” others are from albums like “The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion,” “Amorica,” “Lions,” and more. This diversity reflects the band’s ability to explore different musical styles throughout their journey.

Are these songs universally recognized as the best Black Crowes songs?

While these songs are widely celebrated by both fans and critics, the definition of the “best” Black Crowes songs can vary from person to person. Music is highly subjective, and some fans may have personal favorites that aren’t on this list. However, the songs included here have had a significant impact on the band’s career and have garnered widespread acclaim.

Can I find these songs on streaming platforms and in the band’s discography?

Yes, these songs are readily available on various streaming platforms and can be found in the Black Crowes’ discography. They remain an integral part of the band’s musical legacy, easily accessible for both longtime fans and newcomers to explore and enjoy.

These 20 songs represent the pinnacle of the Black Crowes’ career, showcasing their diversity, musical prowess, and lasting impact on the world of rock and roll. Each track is a testament to their enduring legacy and ability to create timeless music.

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