20 Best Young Dolph Songs of All Time (Greatest Hits)

20 Best Young Dolph Songs of All Time

Young Dolph, the late and great Memphis rapper, left a profound impact on the hip-hop scene with his unique style and charismatic presence. From street anthems to introspective tracks, his discography is a treasure trove of memorable music. In this list, we’ll explore the 20 best Young Dolph songs of all time, each accompanied by a brief description.


With its haunting piano melody and thought-provoking lyrics, “Preach” is a standout track that showcases Dolph’s storytelling prowess. He reflects on his journey from the streets to success.

“100 Shots”

This track was released as a response to a real-life shooting incident, and it’s a raw, unapologetic declaration of resilience.


Featuring Key Glock, “Major” is an energetic banger that celebrates Dolph’s rise in the rap game with catchy hooks and memorable verses.

“Believe Me”

Dolph’s vivid storytelling shines in this song, where he discusses the challenges he’s faced on his path to success.

“Pulled Up”

Collaborating with 2 Chainz, Young Dolph and his counterpart deliver a high-energy track filled with boastful lyrics and infectious beats.

“By Mistake”

This laid-back, melodic track explores themes of trust and betrayal, adding depth to Dolph’s repertoire.

“Cut It”

A commercial hit, “Cut It” featuring O.T. Genasis, is an anthem for anyone living large and unapologetically. Its catchy chorus makes it an instant classic.

“Slave Owner”

In this thought-provoking song, Dolph addresses social and racial issues, creating a powerful and relevant message.

“Go Get Sum Mo”

Featuring Gucci Mane, 2 Chainz, and Ty Dolla $ign, this track is a star-studded affair filled with braggadocious verses and catchy hooks.

“In My System”

A more introspective track, “In My System” delves into the struggles and consequences of Dolph’s street life.

“What’s the Deal”

This collaboration with Yo Gotti showcases Dolph’s ability to hold his own alongside established artists, with fiery verses and memorable wordplay.

“Play Wit Yo Bitch”

Known for its bold and controversial lyrics, this song made waves in the hip-hop community and became an anthem for Dolph’s uncompromising attitude.

“100 Shots Remix”

A remix of the original, this version features A$AP Ferg, providing a fresh take on the track with new verses and energy.

“Cold World”

Dolph’s candid storytelling shines in this track as he reflects on the harsh realities of life in Memphis.

“Black Queen”

A heartfelt dedication to his mother, this song showcases Dolph’s more sensitive side as he expresses his love and gratitude.

“They Don’t Want It”

A powerful track discussing the trials and tribulations Dolph faced on his journey to success.

“Blow It All”

Dolph’s affinity for luxurious living is on full display in this track, celebrating the high life and his extravagant lifestyle.

“How Could”

Featuring the late and great 2Pac, this track combines old and new-school hip-hop elements, creating a powerful and reflective piece.

“Ain’t No Sunshine”

A somber and introspective track, “Ain’t No Sunshine” explores themes of loss and pain.

“100 Shots Remix (Part 2)”

The sequel to the original “100 Shots,” this version adds new verses and fresh perspectives, further cementing it as a standout track in Dolph’s catalog.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a song one of the best Young Dolph songs of all time?

The best Young Dolph songs of all time are distinguished by their unique blend of raw storytelling, charismatic delivery, and the ability to resonate with a wide audience. These tracks often reflect Dolph’s personal experiences, his unapologetic attitude, and his skill in crafting both street anthems and introspective, thought-provoking pieces. They stand out for their memorable hooks, powerful beats, and the impact they’ve had on the hip-hop scene.

How was the list of the best Young Dolph songs compiled?

The list of the best Young Dolph songs was compiled through a combination of factors, including the impact and popularity of the tracks, their cultural significance, and the resonance they’ve had with listeners. Additionally, the lyrical content, storytelling, and musical craftsmanship were key criteria in the selection process. It’s important to note that this list is subjective and reflects the enduring appeal of Young Dolph’s music.

What themes and topics do Young Dolph’s best songs typically cover?

Young Dolph’s best songs often cover a wide range of themes and topics. They include his experiences in the streets, tales of resilience and determination, introspective reflections on life, wealth, and success, as well as social and racial issues. Dolph’s ability to tackle diverse subject matter is a testament to his lyrical versatility.

Are there collaborations in the list of the best Young Dolph songs?

Yes, the list of the best Young Dolph songs features several collaborations with other notable artists. Collaborative tracks like “Go Get Sum Mo” with Gucci Mane and 2 Chainz, “Black Queen” with Wale, and remixes such as “100 Shots Remix” with A$AP Ferg add depth and diversity to the list, showcasing Dolph’s ability to shine alongside established artists.

What sets Young Dolph apart as a rapper, making his songs some of the best in the genre?

Young Dolph’s distinctive style, marked by his unapologetic attitude and authenticity, sets him apart as a rapper. His storytelling ability, where he draws from personal experiences and street life, combined with his charismatic delivery, contributes to the enduring appeal of his music. He has created a unique space in hip-hop by being both a street poet and a chart-topping artist.

Why are Young Dolph’s best songs considered timeless and memorable?

Young Dolph’s best songs are considered timeless and memorable because they not only capture the essence of his life and experiences but also touch on universal themes of struggle, success, and resilience. The infectious beats, catchy hooks, and powerful lyrics make his music enduring, ensuring that his legacy lives on through these tracks, even after his untimely passing.

These 20 Young Dolph songs are just a glimpse of his incredible talent and the impact he left on the rap game. His music continues to resonate with fans, and his legacy lives on through his powerful and unforgettable tracks.

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