20 Best Songs About Strawberries

20 Best Songs About Strawberries

When it comes to celebrating the simple yet delicious joy of strawberries, music has a role to play too. Here, we’ve compiled a list of the 20 best songs that pay homage to this sweet and juicy fruit. From poetic odes to fun and fruity beats, these songs capture the essence of strawberries in delightful ways.

“Strawberry Fields Forever” by The Beatles

The Beatles’ “Strawberry Fields Forever” is a psychedelic masterpiece that takes listeners on a journey through a strawberry-filled dreamscape. With its iconic melody and poetic lyrics, it’s a timeless tribute to the magic of strawberries.

“Strawberry Wine” by Deana Carter

Deana Carter’s “Strawberry Wine” is a bittersweet country ballad that tells the story of young love and the taste of strawberries on a summer night. The song’s lyrics evoke nostalgia and the fleeting sweetness of youth.

“Strawberry Swing” by Coldplay

Coldplay’s “Strawberry Swing” is a breezy, uplifting song that uses the imagery of strawberry swings and honey waterfalls to paint a vivid picture of a carefree, idyllic world. It’s a delightful and whimsical tribute to the joy of strawberries.

“Strawberry Bubblegum” by Justin Timberlake

In “Strawberry Bubblegum,” Justin Timberlake crafts a sultry R&B tune with lyrics that compare a lover’s sweetness to strawberry bubblegum. It’s a smooth and sensuous track that’s sure to make you crave both strawberries and romance.

“Big Straw Hat” by Nellie McKay

Nellie McKay’s “Big Straw Hat” is a charming song that narrates a quirky, strawberry-themed adventure. With ukuleles and a whimsical narrative, it’s a delightful musical journey through the world of strawberries.

“Strawberries” by the Honey Trees

“Strawberries” by the Honey Trees is a folk-pop gem that uses strawberries as a metaphor for fleeting moments and the passage of time. It’s a song that’s both introspective and beautifully melodic.

“Strawberry Letter 23” by Shuggie Otis

Shuggie Otis’ “Strawberry Letter 23” is a groovy, psychedelic soul classic. Its catchy melody and poetic lyrics make it a beloved song that references the sweet allure of strawberries.

“Strawberries & Cigarettes” by Troye Sivan

Troye Sivan’s “Strawberries & Cigarettes” is a modern love song that juxtaposes the imagery of strawberries with the bittersweet memories of a past relationship. It’s a reflective and emotionally charged tune.

“Strawberry Avalanche” by Owl City

Owl City’s “Strawberry Avalanche” is a dreamy, electronic pop song that uses the image of a strawberry avalanche to convey the overwhelming power of love. It’s a whimsical and imaginative track.

“Strawberry Wine” by My Little Lover

My Little Lover’s “Strawberry Wine” is a catchy J-pop song that captures the playfulness and delight of strawberries in a romantic context. It’s a fun and energetic track that celebrates the joy of love and strawberries.

“Strawberry Weed” by Caamp

Caamp’s “Strawberry Weed” is a folk-inspired indie song that uses the symbolism of strawberry weeds to convey themes of growth and change. The song’s acoustic sound and reflective lyrics make it a thoughtful and contemplative track.

“Strawberry Blond” by Mitski

Mitski’s “Strawberry Blond” is a melancholic indie song that reflects on unrequited love, using the image of strawberry blond hair to evoke a sense of longing and nostalgia. It’s a poignant and emotional piece.

“Strawberry Avenue” by Red House Painters

Red House Painters’ “Strawberry Avenue” is a melancholic and introspective song that uses strawberries as a backdrop to explore themes of love, longing, and memory. It’s a poignant and emotionally charged track.

“Strawberry Street” by Fairground Attraction

Fairground Attraction’s “Strawberry Street” is an upbeat and catchy song that weaves strawberries into a story of love and happiness. The song’s cheerful melody and charming lyrics make it a feel-good tune.

“Strawberry Swing” by Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean’s “Strawberry Swing” is a mellow and dreamy ode to the simple joys of life, with strawberries serving as a symbol of innocence and nostalgia. The song’s smooth sound and thoughtful lyrics create a sense of warm nostalgia.

“Strawberry Blonde” by Bahamas

Bahamas’ “Strawberry Blonde” is a soothing and acoustic song that reflects on the bittersweet nature of past relationships and the enduring memory of strawberry blonde hair. The song’s gentle sound and poignant lyrics create a sense of reflection.

“Strawberry Ann” by She & Him

She & Him’s “Strawberry Ann” is an indie-folk song that incorporates strawberries into a narrative of love and connection. The song’s harmonious vocals and upbeat melody make it a charming and delightful track.

“Strawberry” by Paul Baribeau

Paul Baribeau’s “Strawberry” is a folk-punk song that uses the sweetness of strawberries to convey a sense of yearning and desire. It’s a raw and heartfelt track that resonates with the intensity of emotions.

“Strawberry Swing” by Lukas Graham

Lukas Graham’s “Strawberry Swing” is a heartfelt pop song that uses the strawberry swing as a symbol of hope and optimism. It’s a song that uplifts the spirits and encourages a positive outlook on life.

“Strawberry Blonde” by Cloves

Cloves’ “Strawberry Blonde” is a soulful and emotional song that explores the idea of fleeting love and the imagery of a strawberry blonde. The song’s powerful vocals and evocative lyrics create a sense of longing and desire.

From the Beatles to Mitski, these songs beautifully capture the essence of strawberries, whether as a symbol of love, a metaphor for fleeting moments, or a source of sweet nostalgia. Each track brings its unique perspective to the world of strawberries, making this a playlist worth savoring while enjoying your favorite strawberry treats.

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