20 Best Songs About Apples

20 Best Songs About Apples

Apples have been a symbol of temptation, love, and crisp, fall afternoons. From classic rock to indie folk, apples have inspired countless songs over the years. In this list, we’ll explore the 20 best songs about apples, each with its unique charm and message.

The Beatles – “Wild Honey Pie”

This whimsical song by The Beatles features the phrase “honey pie” and conjures images of sweet apple pies, making it an apple-themed classic from the iconic band.

Nina Simone – “Apples”

In her soulful style, Nina Simone sings about apples being “so sweet and such a treat,” evoking the lusciousness of the fruit and its connection to pleasure.

Regina Spektor – “Ode to Divorce”

While not explicitly about apples, Regina Spektor’s song features the memorable line, “An apple in his eye and a bat on the table,” suggesting that apples can be a source of longing and desire.

Bob Dylan – “Apple Suckling Tree”

Bob Dylan‘s poetic lyrics often carry deeper meanings, and “Apple Suckling Tree” is no exception, using apples symbolically to explore themes of growth and change.

Tom Waits – “Innocent When You Dream (Barroom)”

Tom Waits weaves a vivid narrative using the metaphor of biting into an apple, reflecting on life’s experiences and moments of innocence.

Erykah Badu – “Apple Tree”

Erykah Badu’s “Apple Tree” invites listeners to explore their own roots and personal growth, using the apple tree as a symbol for self-discovery.

The White Stripes – “Apple Blossom”

In this folk-inspired rock ballad, The White Stripes create a dreamy atmosphere with lyrics comparing a lover to an apple blossom.

Grateful Dead – “Ripple”

The Grateful Dead’s “Ripple” references an apple in a lake, offering a contemplative message about life’s interconnectedness and the ripples we create.

Fiona Apple – “Fast as You Can”

Fiona Apple’s quirky song hints at the allure of temptation, using apples as a metaphor for desire and impulsiveness.

Donovan – “Mellow Yellow”

Donovan’s iconic song “Mellow Yellow” playfully mentions “electrical banana,” which some interpret as a ripe yellow apple.

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – “Nature Boy”

Nick Cave’s “Nature Boy” touches on the concept of forbidden fruit, reflecting on the consequences of indulging in it.

Counting Crows – “Daylight Fading”

In “Daylight Fading,” Counting Crows’ lyrics evoke images of apple trees, creating a melancholic atmosphere tied to changing seasons.

The Black Crowes – “Appaloosa”

While not about apples directly, The Black Crowes’ “Appaloosa” captures the spirit of the American West, and the apple might symbolize a taste of adventure.

The Lemonheads – “My Drug Buddy”

Evan Dando’s poignant lyrics in “My Drug Buddy” reference “apples in the summertime,” suggesting a longing for lost innocence.

The Decemberists – “Dear Avery”

In this folk ballad, The Decemberists sing about a forbidden love, and apples are mentioned as a symbol of secrecy and passion.

Ray LaMontagne – “Empty”

Ray LaMontagne’s “Empty” explores feelings of emptiness and longing, with the reference to “apples on the ground” symbolizing a sense of loss.

The Cranberries – “Apple of My Eye”

The Cranberries’ song speaks of devotion and admiration, comparing a loved one to the cherished apple of one’s eye.

The Paper Kites – “Bloom”

While not explicitly about apples, “Bloom” by The Paper Kites captures the essence of renewal and growth, much like apple blossoms in spring.

Iron & Wine – “Upward Over the Mountain”

In this touching song, Iron & Wine mentions “an apple in the night,” which could symbolize hope and sustenance in the face of darkness.

R.E.M. – “World Leader Pretend”

R.E.M.’s “World Leader Pretend” reflects on the complexities of power and responsibility, with apples used metaphorically to convey a sense of disillusionment and unfulfilled promises.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some famous songs about apples?

There are several famous songs that reference apples in their lyrics. Some notable examples include “Wild Honey Pie” by The Beatles, “Apples” by Nina Simone, “Apple Suckling Tree” by Bob Dylan, and “Apple Blossom” by The White Stripes. While not all of these songs are solely about apples, they use the fruit symbolically to convey various themes and emotions.

Do all songs about apples have the same meaning?

No, songs that mention apples often carry different meanings and interpretations. The apple can symbolize a range of ideas, including temptation, desire, growth, innocence, and even love. The significance of apples in each song depends on the context and lyrics of the specific song.

Are there any modern songs that mention apples?

Yes, many modern songs also reference apples. For instance, Fiona Apple’s “Fast as You Can” and The Paper Kites’ “Bloom” are more recent examples of songs that use apples in their lyrics to convey themes of desire and growth. The tradition of incorporating apples into music remains alive in contemporary songwriting.

What is the significance of apples in song lyrics?

The significance of apples in song lyrics can vary widely. Apples are often used metaphorically to represent a variety of emotions and ideas, such as temptation, longing, and personal growth. They can serve as a symbol that adds depth and meaning to the song’s lyrics, depending on the artist’s intent.

Can you recommend a song that explores the theme of apples in a unique way?

Certainly, “World Leader Pretend” by R.E.M. is a song that uses apples in a unique and thought-provoking manner. In this song, apples symbolize disillusionment and unfulfilled promises, offering a distinct perspective on the fruit’s symbolic meaning in music.

Do all songs about apples have a folk or rock genre?

No, songs about apples can span a wide range of musical genres. While some of the more well-known songs about apples may come from folk or rock artists, apples have appeared in lyrics across various genres, from soul and pop to indie and alternative. The fruit’s versatility as a symbol allows it to fit into different musical contexts.

These 20 songs about apples take us on a lyrical journey through themes of temptation, love, growth, and introspection, proving that this humble fruit can inspire a wide range of emotions and stories in the world of music.

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