20 Best Rolling Stones Songs of All Time (Greatest Hits)

20 Best Rolling Stones Songs of All Time

The Rolling Stones, with their iconic blend of rock, blues, and swagger, have left an indelible mark on the world of music. With a career spanning over half a century, they’ve produced countless hits. In this list, we’ll take a look at the 20 best Rolling Stones songs of all time, each with a brief description of what makes it a classic.

“(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction”

This timeless anthem of youthful frustration showcases Mick Jagger’s charismatic vocals and Keith Richards’ unforgettable guitar riff, making it a quintessential rock ‘n’ roll track.

“Paint It Black”

Paint It Black” The haunting sitar-inspired melody and the lyrical darkness make this song a standout in the Stones’ catalog, capturing a sense of foreboding and mystery.

“Sympathy for the Devil”

With its hypnotic rhythm and Mick Jagger’s devilish storytelling, this song is a masterclass in creating an atmosphere that’s both intriguing and unsettling.


A departure from their typical sound, “Angie” is a heartfelt ballad featuring Jagger’s poignant vocals and a beautiful acoustic arrangement.

“Gimme Shelter”

This powerful song, driven by Merry Clayton’s haunting vocals and Richards’ memorable guitar work, is a raw and emotional commentary on the turbulent ’60s.

“Start Me Up”

A high-energy, guitar-driven classic, this track never fails to get a crowd moving, showcasing the Stones’ enduring ability to rock out.

“Wild Horses”

A tender ballad that highlights the band’s softer side, “Wild Horses” features emotive lyrics and a memorable melody.

“Brown Sugar”

With its infectious groove and provocative lyrics, this song is an enduring rock and roll staple.

“You Can’t Always Get What You Want”

You Can’t Always Get What You Want This anthemic ballad combines a gospel choir, Jagger’s storytelling, and a beautiful arrangement, creating a timeless message of resilience.

“Honky Tonk Women”

A country-tinged rock tune with a catchy riff, this song is an irresistible, rollicking joy.

“Ruby Tuesday”

A melancholic ballad showcasing Jagger’s reflective lyrics and Brian Jones’ distinctive recorder melody.

“Jumpin’ Jack Flash”

A rock ‘n’ roll powerhouse with a gritty guitar riff and Jagger’s defiant vocals, capturing the spirit of the late ’60s.

“Miss You”

A disco-tinged track with a contagious rhythm, demonstrating the Stones’ versatility and ability to stay relevant.

“Beast of Burden”

A soulful and emotional ballad that highlights the band’s maturity and Jagger’s vocal prowess.

“Tumbling Dice”

A bluesy, rollicking track featuring Jagger’s storytelling and the band’s tight instrumental performance.

“Time Is on My Side”

A charming early hit with a memorable guitar riff and Jagger’s youthful optimism.

“Emotional Rescue”

An ’80s classic, this track showcases the Stones’ adaptation to the era’s sound and style.

“Harlem Shuffle”

A fun, groove-driven song that pays homage to the band’s love of rhythm and blues.

“She’s a Rainbow”

A whimsical and psychedelic song with an array of colorful instruments and Jagger’s playful vocals.

“Mother’s Little Helper”

A satirical take on society’s reliance on prescription drugs, highlighting the Stones’ social commentary and humor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this list of the best Rolling Stones songs ranked in a specific order?

No, the list of the 20 best Rolling Stones songs is not ranked in a specific order. These songs are all considered classics, and their order in the list is not indicative of their relative quality or significance. Each of these songs holds a special place in the Rolling Stones’ extensive catalog.

Can you provide more information about the band’s evolution in sound throughout their career, as reflected in these songs?

The Rolling Stones’ sound has evolved over the decades, transitioning from their early blues and rock roots to incorporate various genres like country, disco, and even psychedelia. The songs on this list reflect this evolution, showcasing the band’s ability to adapt while maintaining their signature style and energy.

Are there any specific albums or eras of the Rolling Stones that these songs predominantly come from?

The songs on this list come from various eras in the Rolling Stones’ career, spanning their extensive discography. You’ll find classics from their early albums like “Out of Our Heads” and “Aftermath,” as well as hits from the ’70s, ’80s, and beyond. This diversity demonstrates the band’s enduring musical prowess.

How have the Rolling Stones maintained their status as one of the greatest rock bands in history?

The Rolling Stones have maintained their iconic status by consistently producing high-quality music, touring extensively, and adapting to changing musical landscapes. Their songs continue to resonate with both old and new generations, and their live performances are legendary, ensuring their place in rock history.

These 20 Rolling Stones songs are a testament to the band’s enduring influence on rock and roll, spanning generations and musical styles. Each track has its unique charm, adding to the band’s legendary status in the world of music.

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