20 Best Post Malone Songs of All Time (Greatest Hits)

20 Best Post Malone Songs of All Time

Post Malone, the genre-blending musical maestro, has left an indelible mark on the music industry with his unique sound that effortlessly fuses hip-hop, pop, and rock elements. Join us on a journey through the 20 best Post Malone songs of all time, each track a testament to his exceptional talent and distinctive style.

“White Iverson” (2015)

Post’s breakthrough single, “White Iverson,” introduced the world to his melodic rap style and catchy hooks, setting the stage for his meteoric rise to fame.

“Congratulations” (ft. Quavo) (2016)

This celebratory anthem became an instant hit, capturing the essence of triumph and success with its infectious chorus and Quavo’s charismatic contribution.

“Rockstar” (ft. 21 Savage) (2017)

A chart-topping collaboration with 21 Savage, “Rockstar” showcases Post’s ability to craft anthems that seamlessly blend genres, leaving an indelible mark on popular culture.

“Circles” (2019)

With its dreamy production and introspective lyrics, “Circles” exemplifies Post’s evolution as an artist, delivering a poignant and emotionally charged experience.

“Sunflower” (with Swae Lee) (2018)

Featured in the animated film “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse,” this track combines Post’s vocals with Swae Lee’s smooth delivery, creating a sun-soaked, feel-good vibe.

“Better Now” (2018)

Addressing themes of heartbreak and resilience, “Better Now” showcases Post’s vulnerability while maintaining an upbeat and infectious energy.

“Goodbyes” (ft. Young Thug) (2019)

This emotionally charged track explores the pain of farewells, with Young Thug’s feature adding a layer of intensity to the raw, unfiltered emotion.

“I Fall Apart” (2016)

A soul-baring ballad, “I Fall Apart” delves into the aftermath of a broken relationship, with Post’s powerful vocals conveying the heart-wrenching narrative.

“Go Flex” (2016)

Blurring the lines between genres, “Go Flex” stands out with its laid-back vibe, showcasing Post’s versatility as he seamlessly transitions from rap to rock-infused melodies.

“Saint-Tropez” (2019)

This high-energy track captures the hedonistic spirit of Saint-Tropez, featuring dynamic production and Post’s signature swagger.

“Deja Vu” (ft. Justin Bieber) (2016)

The collaboration between Post Malone and Justin Bieber in “Deja Vu” is a sonic treat, with both artists complementing each other’s styles in this infectious love song.

“Too Young” (2015)

An early gem in Post’s discography, “Too Young” reflects on the fragility of life and the pressures of fame, delivering a poignant message with a melodic touch.

“Wow.” (2018)

A testament to Post’s ability to create instant hits, “Wow.” is a catchy and energetic track that became a viral sensation, showcasing his knack for creating anthems that resonate with a wide audience.

“Money Made Me Do It” (ft. 2 Chainz) (2016)

Post teams up with 2 Chainz in this track, exploring the complexities of wealth and fame, all set to a hypnotic beat that leaves a lasting impression.

“Take What You Want” (ft. Ozzy Osbourne & Travis Scott) (2019)

A genre-defying collaboration, this track brings together Post Malone, Ozzy Osbourne, and Travis Scott, resulting in a rock-infused anthem that showcases the artist’s boundary-pushing approach.

“Psycho” (ft. Ty Dolla $ign) (2018)

“Psycho” is a trap-infused hit that dominated the charts, with Ty Dolla $ign’s smooth vocals complementing Post’s melodic rap verses.

“Feeling Whitney” (2016)

A departure from his usual sound, “Feeling Whitney” is a stripped-down acoustic track that highlights Post’s songwriting prowess and emotional depth.

“Die For Me” (ft. Halsey & Future) (2019)

Featuring the dynamic duo of Halsey and Future, “Die For Me” is a collaboration that explores the complexities of love and heartbreak against a backdrop of atmospheric production.

“Enemies” (ft. DaBaby) (2019)

The energetic collaboration with DaBaby, “Enemies,” showcases Post’s ability to adapt to different styles and maintain his signature sound.

“Hollywood’s Bleeding” (2019)

The title track of his third studio album, “Hollywood’s Bleeding” is a captivating exploration of the pitfalls of fame, with haunting melodies and poignant lyrics that solidify Post Malone’s place as a musical trailblazer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which song showcases Post Malone’s versatility between genres?

“Take What You Want” (ft. Ozzy Osbourne & Travis Scott) (2019) exemplifies Post Malone’s versatility by seamlessly blending rock, hip-hop, and pop elements. The collaboration with Ozzy Osbourne and Travis Scott pushed musical boundaries and garnered widespread acclaim.

What is considered one of Post Malone’s most emotionally charged songs?

“I Fall Apart” (2016) is often regarded as one of Post Malone’s most emotionally charged songs. The ballad delves into the aftermath of a broken relationship, with powerful vocals conveying raw and heart-wrenching emotion.

Which Post Malone song became a viral sensation?

“Wow.” (2018) became a viral sensation, showcasing Post Malone’s ability to create instant hits. Its catchy and energetic vibe, coupled with a viral dance challenge, contributed to its widespread popularity.

What track explores themes of success and celebration in Post Malone’s discography?

“Congratulations” (ft. Quavo) (2016) is a celebratory anthem that explores themes of success and triumph. With an infectious chorus and Quavo’s charismatic feature, the song became a chart-topping hit.

As we traverse the musical landscape of Post Malone’s discography, it’s evident that his ability to seamlessly blend genres and craft emotionally resonant songs has left an enduring impact on the industry. These 20 songs stand as a testament to Post’s artistry, showcasing the evolution of a musician who continues to push boundaries and redefine the contemporary music scene.

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