20 Best Patti LaBelle Songs of All Time (Greatest Hits)

20 Best Patti LaBelle Songs of All Time

Patti LaBelle, the legendary queen of R&B, has graced us with her powerhouse vocals and soulful tunes for decades. In this list, we’re celebrating her illustrious career by counting down the 20 best Patti LaBelle songs of all time. From her early days with the Bluebelles to her solo career, these tracks showcase her incredible talent and enduring impact on the world of music.

“Lady Marmalade” (1974)

This iconic disco hit, with its irresistible chorus and sultry lyrics, marked a turning point in LaBelle’s career and remains one of her signature songs.

“On My Own” (1986)

On My Own” a powerful duet with Michael McDonald, this ballad showcases Patti’s emotional depth and vocal prowess.

“New Attitude” (1984)

An upbeat, empowering anthem that became the soundtrack for personal reinvention, it’s impossible not to feel inspired when you hear this tune.

“If You Asked Me To” (1989)

Patti’s rendition of this love ballad is both heart-wrenching and beautiful, showcasing her ability to convey raw emotion through her music.

“You Are My Friend” (1977)

This gospel-inspired classic is a testament to Patti’s roots and her ability to move listeners with her soul-stirring performances.

“Somebody Loves You Baby (You Know Who It Is)” (1991)

Patti’s sultry and sassy delivery in this track is simply irresistible, making it a fan favorite.

“When You’ve Been Blessed (Feels Like Heaven)” (1991)

A heartfelt and moving ballad that showcases Patti’s vocal range and emotional depth.

“Love, Need and Want You” (1983)

A romantic and sensuous track that captures the essence of love and desire, underscored by Patti‘s emotive singing.

“Over the Rainbow” (1998)

Patti’s rendition of this classic tune demonstrates her versatility and her ability to breathe new life into timeless songs.

“Stir It Up” (1984)

The catchy and energetic theme song from the movie “Beverly Hills Cop” displays Patti’s ability to blend pop and R&B effortlessly.

“If Only You Knew” (1983)

An emotional ballad that showcases Patti’s vocal power and the depth of her artistry.

“When You Talk About Love” (1997)

A touching and heartfelt song that highlights Patti’s gift for conveying deep, relatable emotions.

“The Right Kinda Lover” (1994)

This upbeat R&B track is irresistibly catchy and showcases Patti’s timeless appeal.

“If I Only Knew” (1983)

A soulful and introspective ballad that resonates with listeners on a personal level, thanks to Patti’s emotive delivery.

“Is It Still Good to You” (1980)

A sultry and romantic duet with Teddy Pendergrass that oozes chemistry and passion.

“Love Has Finally Come at Last” (1983)

Another memorable duet, this time with Bobby Womack, offering a perfect blend of R&B and soul.

“All Right Now” (1984)

A groovy and funky track that showcases Patti’s ability to conquer various musical genres.

“The Best Is Yet to Come” (1989)

An uplifting and optimistic song that inspires hope and positivity with Patti’s remarkable vocals.

“I Don’t Go Shopping” (1983)

Patti’s sassy and playful side shines through in this upbeat track, showing her versatility as an artist.

“Don’t Make Your Angel Cry” (2000)

A beautiful and emotional ballad that demonstrates the enduring power of Patti LaBelle’s voice and music.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is “Lady Marmalade” the top song on the list, and why?

Yes, “Lady Marmalade” holds the top spot on our list. This disco classic not only catapulted Patti LaBelle to international fame but also became an iconic track in music history. Its irresistible energy, sultry lyrics, and enduring appeal make it a standout in her repertoire.

Which song showcases Patti LaBelle’s vocal prowess the most?

While there are many songs that display Patti’s remarkable vocal abilities, “On My Own,” her duet with Michael McDonald, stands out. This ballad is a powerful demonstration of her emotional depth and vocal range, making it a true masterpiece.

Are there any lesser-known gems on the list that we should explore?

Absolutely, tracks like “I Don’t Go Shopping” and “The Right Kinda Lover” may not be as well-known as some of her chart-toppers, but they offer a glimpse into Patti LaBelle’s versatility and playful side. These hidden gems are well worth a listen.

How does Patti LaBelle’s gospel background influence her music?

Patti LaBelle’s gospel roots are a significant influence on her music. Songs like “You Are My Friend” and “Love, Need and Want You” are infused with soul-stirring gospel elements, allowing her to connect with listeners on a deep, spiritual level.

What’s the most emotional song on the list?

“If Only You Knew” is one of the most emotional songs on our list. Patti’s powerful delivery in this ballad evokes raw, relatable emotions, making it a moving experience for anyone who listens.

Is there a particular era that shines the most in Patti LaBelle’s music?

Patti’s music has evolved over the years, but the 1980s is a standout era in her career, with songs like “New Attitude” and “If You Asked Me To” becoming timeless classics. This period showcases her ability to adapt to changing musical landscapes while staying true to her unique style.

What message or feeling can we expect from Patti LaBelle’s music?

Patti LaBelle’s music often conveys messages of love, empowerment, and self-discovery. Whether it’s the uplifting “New Attitude” or the romantic “Love Has Finally Come at Last,” her songs inspire and resonate with a wide range of emotions.

Are there any memorable collaborations on the list?

Certainly, Patti LaBelle has had some unforgettable duets in her career. “On My Own” with Michael McDonald and “Is It Still Good to You” with Teddy Pendergrass are standout examples of her chemistry and collaboration with other artists.

How has Patti LaBelle’s music stood the test of time?

Patti LaBelle’s music continues to captivate audiences because of its timeless quality. Her ability to convey genuine emotions and her powerhouse vocals ensure that her songs remain relevant and impactful, even decades after their release.

These 20 songs are just a glimpse of Patti LaBelle’s incredible musical journey. Her ability to convey a wide range of emotions and connect with her audience is what makes her a true legend in the world of music. Whether you’re dancing to her upbeat hits or shedding a tear during her heartfelt ballads, Patti LaBelle’s songs have left an indelible mark on our hearts and souls.

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