20 Best Olivia Rodrigo Songs of All Time (Greatest Hits)

20 Best Olivia Rodrigo Songs of All Time

Olivia Rodrigo has taken the music world by storm with her emotional and relatable songs. From her debut single “Drivers License” to the more recent hits, Rodrigo has proven her songwriting prowess and vocal talent. In this list, we’ll explore the 20 best Olivia Rodrigo songs of all time, highlighting the stories and emotions behind each one.

Drivers License

Olivia’s debut single is a heart-wrenching ballad that captures the pain of unrequited love. Her soaring vocals and poignant lyrics made this song an instant classic.

Good 4 U

“Good 4 U” is a high-energy breakup anthem that showcases Olivia’s versatility as an artist. It’s an angry, yet catchy, exploration of post-breakup feelings.

Deja Vu

In “Deja Vu,” Rodrigo reflects on the bittersweet feeling of seeing an ex with someone new. The song’s vivid storytelling and dreamy melody resonate with many listeners.


Olivia gets candid about the pressures of fame in “Brutal.” With raw, unapologetic lyrics, she addresses the challenges of growing up in the public eye.

Enough for You

“Enough for You” delves into the insecurity and self-doubt that can come with young love. Rodrigo’s vulnerable vocals make this a standout track on her debut album.

Favourite Crime

This song explores the idea of being the “favorite crime” in a relationship. The emotional depth and lyrical complexity make it one of Rodrigo‘s most intriguing songs.


“Happier” is a powerful song about watching an ex move on. Olivia’s ability to convey complex emotions shines through in this heartbreaking ballad.

Jealousy, Jealousy

Olivia Rodrigo takes on the theme of comparison and self-esteem in “Jealousy, Jealousy.” The catchy tune underscores her honest and relatable lyrics.

Hope Ur Ok

Closing her debut album on a poignant note, “Hope Ur Ok” addresses the struggles of growing up and losing touch with old friends. It’s a heartfelt and mature reflection.


“Traitor” delves into the feelings of betrayal in a relationship. Rodrigo’s expressive delivery and lyrics make it a standout track.

1 Step Forward, 3 Steps Back

Olivia cleverly incorporates Taylor Swift’s “New Year’s Day” into this song, creating a unique and emotionally charged ballad about relationship insecurities.

Favorite Places

Olivia explores the nostalgic aspect of young love in “Favorite Places,” creating a tender and relatable narrative.

All I Want

Originally featured on the “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series” soundtrack, “All I Want” showcases Olivia’s early talent and emotional depth.

Out of the Old

“Out of the Old” is a beautifully introspective song about leaving behind the past and moving forward, marked by Olivia’s maturity as a songwriter.


This empowering track encourages self-confidence and self-love. Olivia’s message of embracing your true self shines through.

The Rose Song

A soulful ballad, “The Rose Song” reflects on the complexities of love and the passage of time. Rodrigo’s voice captivates with its depth and emotion.

Just for a Moment

Featured in the Disney+ movie “Clouds,” this song is a touching reminder of the fleeting nature of life and love.

Ordinary People

Olivia Rodrigo’s cover of John Legend’s “Ordinary People” showcases her vocal talent and ability to put her unique spin on well-known songs.

Cruel Summer (Cover)

Olivia’s rendition of Taylor Swift’s “Cruel Summer” is a fan-favorite, showcasing her admiration for Swift and her vocal prowess.

Adore You (Cover)

Closing our list, Olivia Rodrigo’s cover of Harry Styles’ “Adore You” demonstrates her ability to make a song her own with her unique style and emotion.

Frequently Asked Questions

What themes do Olivia Rodrigo’s songs explore in this list?

Olivia Rodrigo’s songs in this list explore a wide range of themes, including love, heartbreak, betrayal, nostalgia, self-doubt, and the challenges of growing up. Her lyrics often delve into the complexities of relationships and the emotional ups and downs of youth.

Which song is considered Olivia Rodrigo’s breakthrough hit?

“Drivers License” is widely recognized as Olivia Rodrigo’s breakthrough hit. This emotionally charged ballad skyrocketed her to fame, topping the charts and resonating with listeners worldwide.

What is the significance of “Good 4 U” in Olivia Rodrigo’s discography?

“Good 4 U” represents a departure from Olivia Rodrigo’s ballad-heavy repertoire, showcasing her versatility and ability to create energetic breakup anthems. It’s a significant song in her discography for its different style and relatable lyrics.

How does “Hope Ur Ok” differ from Olivia Rodrigo’s other songs on this list?

“Hope Ur Ok” stands out as a more mature and introspective song compared to some of Olivia’s earlier, more teenage-focused tracks. It addresses the challenges of growing up and the idea of losing touch with old friends.

Are there any notable cover songs in this list?

Yes, Olivia Rodrigo includes cover songs in this list, such as her rendition of John Legend’s “Ordinary People,” Taylor Swift’s “Cruel Summer,” and Harry Styles’ “Adore You.” These covers demonstrate her ability to make well-known songs her own.

What common thread connects Olivia Rodrigo’s songs in this list?

The common thread in these songs is Olivia Rodrigo’s ability to convey raw emotions and tell relatable stories through her lyrics. Her songs often explore the highs and lows of love and the challenges of growing up, making them universally resonant.

These 20 Olivia Rodrigo songs capture the essence of her artistry, from heart-wrenching ballads to energetic anthems, making her one of the most compelling young artists in the industry. Her honest, relatable lyrics and powerful vocals continue to resonate with listeners worldwide.

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