20 Best Luke Combs Songs (Greatest Hits)

20 Best Luke Combs Songs

Luke Combs is undoubtedly one of the hottest names in country music today, with his powerful vocals and relatable lyrics resonating with fans all over the world. In this list, we’ve compiled the 20 best Luke Combs songs that showcase his incredible talent and storytelling abilities. Whether you’re a longtime fan or just discovering his music, these songs are sure to strike a chord with you.


“Hurricane” was Luke Combs’ debut single, and it instantly put him on the map. With its infectious melody and heartfelt lyrics, this song is about a love that sweeps through like a storm, leaving a lasting impact.

“When It Rains, It Pours”

This upbeat, catchy tune tells the story of a guy whose luck takes a turn for the better after a breakup. It’s a feel-good anthem that’s impossible not to sing along to.

“Beautiful Crazy”

“Beautiful Crazy” is a touching love song that celebrates the quirks and unique qualities that make someone special. Combs’ heartfelt vocals shine in this romantic ballad.

“Beer Never Broke My Heart”

Luke Combs celebrates the unwavering loyalty of his favorite drink in this high-energy, party-ready song. It’s a fan-favorite at his live shows for a reason.

“One Number Away”

With its powerful chorus and emotional lyrics, “One Number Away” explores the fine line between giving in to your feelings and holding back in a relationship.

“She Got the Best of Me”

This song reflects on a past relationship and how it changed the singer for the better, proving that sometimes heartbreak can lead to personal growth.

“Does to Me” (feat. Eric Church)

“Does to Me” is a reflection on the things that matter most in life, with Eric Church’s guest appearance adding depth to this heartfelt track.

“Angels Workin’ Overtime”

This soulful, gospel-tinged song delves into the power of divine intervention and the belief that there are forces at work in our lives beyond our control.

“Better Together”

“Better Together” is a beautiful love song that highlights the harmony and balance in the world, comparing it to a perfect relationship.

“Forever After All”

Luke Combs’ dedication to his wife shines through in “Forever After All,” where he reflects on their enduring love and future together.

“Even Though I’m Leaving”

A heartfelt tribute to the bond between a father and son, this emotional song strikes a chord with anyone who has experienced the pain of separation.

“Lovin’ On You”

This toe-tapping track celebrates the joy of love and the small, simple moments that make a relationship special.

“Cold as You”

“Cold as You” is a melancholic song about the pain of seeing an ex move on, and it showcases Combs’ ability to convey raw emotions.

“All Over Again”

In “All Over Again,” Combs reflects on the enduring nature of his love for his partner, reminding us that every day is a chance to fall in love all over again.


This introspective song explores the reasons why relationships may fail, touching on the complexities of love and the difficulty of letting go.

“Without You” (feat. Amanda Shires)

Without You” is a tender, acoustic ballad that pays tribute to the people who have shaped Combs’ life and career, with a beautiful duet featuring Amanda Shires.

“Refrigerator Door”

“Refrigerator Door” is a touching reflection on the impact of family and the cherished memories that hang on the refrigerator door.

“The Other Guy”

In this emotionally charged song, Combs explores the feelings of regret and longing that can linger after a breakup.

“New Every Day”

“New Every Day” is a heartfelt ballad that reminds us of the fresh start that each day brings and the hope it carries.

“Moon Over Mexico”

This song takes us on a journey to Mexico, capturing the feeling of a carefree vacation with the one you love, complete with a romantic moonlit backdrop.

Frequently Asked Questions

How did you select the 20 best Luke Combs songs for the blog?

The selection process for the 20 best Luke Combs songs was based on a combination of factors, including the song’s popularity, chart performance, impact on Luke Combs’ career, and the emotional connection it creates with listeners. These songs have resonated with fans and critics alike.

Can I listen to these songs on streaming platforms?

Yes, you can find these songs on popular streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube. Luke Combs’ music is widely available for streaming, and these hits are no exception.

Are there any specific themes that these songs explore?

Luke Combs’ songs cover a wide range of themes, including love, heartbreak, family, and the simple joys of life. Each song has its unique story and message, making them relatable to a broad audience.

Is there a particular song on the list that stands out as a fan favorite?

“Beautiful Crazy” is often considered a fan favorite, thanks to its romantic lyrics and catchy melody. However, the notion of a favorite song can vary from one fan to another, as Luke Combs has many hits that resonate with different people for various reasons.

Has Luke Combs won any awards for these songs?

Yes, Luke Combs has received numerous awards and nominations for these songs, including Country Music Association (CMA) Awards, Academy of Country Music (ACM) Awards, and Billboard Music Awards, among others. His music has been widely recognized in the country music industry.

Are there any songs featuring other artists on the list?

Yes, “Does to Me” features Eric Church, adding depth and a unique dynamic to the song. Luke Combs occasionally collaborates with other artists to create exceptional music.

Do these songs reflect Luke Combs’ personal experiences?

Many of Luke Combs’ songs are inspired by his personal experiences, relationships, and life journey. They often reflect his authenticity and genuine storytelling.

Can I find the lyrics to these songs online?

Yes, the lyrics to Luke Combs’ songs are widely available online through various lyric websites and music platforms. You can easily find and sing along to your favorite tracks.

Are there any upcoming releases or new projects from Luke Combs related to these songs?

As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, there may have been new releases or projects related to these songs. It’s a good idea to check Luke Combs’ official website or social media channels for the latest updates on his music career.

How can I stay updated on Luke Combs’ music and future releases?

To stay updated on Luke Combs’ music, you can follow him on social media platforms, subscribe to his official newsletter, or visit his website for the latest news and announcements regarding new music and tour dates.

Luke Combs has a remarkable ability to connect with his audience through his music, and these 20 songs are a testament to his storytelling prowess and his genuine love for his craft. Whether you’re in the mood for a party anthem or a heartfelt ballad, Luke Combs has a song for every occasion.

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