20 Best K-Pop Songs (Greatest Hits)

20 Best K-Pop Songs

K-Pop, a genre that has taken the world by storm, is known for its catchy melodies, stunning choreography, and captivating visuals. From chart-toppers to hidden gems, here’s a list of the 20 best K-Pop songs that have left a lasting impression on fans worldwide.

BTS – “Dope”

BTS exploded onto the scene with “Dope.” This track showcases their powerful rap verses, smooth vocals, and a high-energy chorus that will leave you breathless.


BLACKPINK‘s “DDU-DU DDU-DU” is a fierce anthem featuring strong vocals, a killer rap, and an unforgettable music video.

EXO – “Monster”

“Monster” by EXO boasts an addictive hook, making it a standout track. The dark and edgy concept perfectly complements their vocals and dance moves.

TWICE – “Fancy”

TWICE’s “Fancy” is an earworm that combines a catchy chorus with stunning visuals, showing their growth as artists.

GOT7 – “Lullaby”

GOT7’s “Lullaby” is a harmonious blend of pop and R&B, showcasing the group’s versatile vocal abilities.

Red Velvet – “Bad Boy”

Red Velvet‘s “Bad Boy” oozes charisma and features a sultry yet captivating melody.

IU – “Love Poem”

IU’s “Love Poem” is an emotionally charged ballad that highlights her beautiful voice and lyrical prowess.

Stray Kids – “God’s Menu”

Stray Kids’ “God’s Menu” impresses with its intense rap verses and a powerful chorus that’ll make you want to groove along.


MAMAMOO’s “HIP” is an empowering anthem with sassy lyrics and vocal acrobatics that showcase their talent.

NCT 127 – “Kick Back”

“Kick Back” by NCT 127 delivers a powerful and dynamic sound that defines the group’s unique style.


ITZY’s “WANNABE” is a bold declaration of self-confidence, with an infectious chorus that’ll have you singing along.

Ateez – “Say My Name”

Ateez’s “Say My Name” combines energetic raps and vocal harmonies to create an unforgettable track.

Taeyeon – “Four Seasons”

Taeyeon’s “Four Seasons” is a reflective ballad that showcases her emotional depth and vocal prowess.

BTS – “Spring Day”

“Spring Day” by BTS is a heartfelt song that touches on themes of longing and nostalgia, with emotionally charged vocals.

IZ*ONE – “La Vie en Rose”

IZ*ONE’s “La Vie en Rose” is a visually stunning and melodically captivating debut track.

NCT U – “90’s Love”

NCT U’s “90’s Love” is a nostalgic banger that seamlessly blends old-school vibes with a modern twist.

Sunmi – “Gashina”

Sunmi’s “Gashina” is an iconic solo track with a powerful and seductive vibe.

ATEEZ – “Fireworks (I’m The One)”

ATEEZ’s “Fireworks (I’m The One)” is a high-energy track with intense rap verses and an explosive chorus.

TXT – “0X1=LOVESONG (I Know I Love You)”

TXT’s “0X1=LOVESONG” is a melodically rich song that showcases their growth as artists.

Everglow – “Adios”

Everglow’s “Adios” is a fierce track with a strong EDM influence, featuring captivating choreography.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the criteria for selecting the best K-Pop songs?

The criteria for determining the best K-Pop songs can vary from person to person, but some common factors include catchy melodies, impressive vocal performances, well-choreographed music videos, meaningful lyrics, and their impact on the K-Pop industry and global music scene.

Why isn’t my favorite K-Pop song included in the list of the best K-Pop songs?

The list of the best K-Pop songs is subjective and limited to 20 selections. There are countless outstanding K-Pop songs, and personal preferences play a significant role in what someone considers the best. Your favorite song may not be included, but that doesn’t diminish its importance or quality.

How can I discover more K-Pop songs beyond the mainstream hits?

Exploring K-Pop beyond the mainstream hits is exciting! You can start by checking out lesser-known groups or solo artists, watching YouTube channels dedicated to K-Pop, joining K-Pop forums and communities, or following K-Pop playlists on music streaming platforms. This way, you’ll uncover hidden gems and broaden your K-Pop horizons.

Are there any recent K-Pop songs that have gained popularity and should be on my radar?

K-Pop is constantly evolving, and new songs are released regularly. To stay updated, you can follow K-Pop news websites, subscribe to official K-Pop YouTube channels, or use music streaming platforms’ recommendation features to discover recent hits and trending tracks.

What makes K-Pop different from other music genres?

K-Pop stands out due to its fusion of various musical styles, impressive choreography, visually stunning music videos, and its ability to transcend language barriers. It often features groups with multiple members, each contributing to a unique and harmonious sound.

Can you recommend some iconic K-Pop groups and artists I should listen to?

Certainly! Some iconic K-Pop groups and artists include BTS, BLACKPINK, EXO, TWICE, GOT7, Red Velvet, IU, Stray Kids, MAMAMOO, NCT, ITZY, Ateez, Sunmi, TXT, and Everglow. Exploring their discographies is a great way to start your K-Pop journey.

What’s the best way to support my favorite K-Pop artists?

To support your favorite K-Pop artists, you can stream their songs on music platforms, purchase their albums, merchandise, and concert tickets, engage with their content on social media, and vote for them in music award shows. Your support contributes to their success in the industry.

How can I stay updated with the latest news and releases in the K-Pop world?

You can stay updated with the latest K-Pop news and releases by following K-Pop news websites, subscribing to official K-Pop social media accounts, and using music streaming platforms with personalized recommendation features. Additionally, joining K-Pop forums and communities can provide you with real-time updates and discussions about your favorite artists and songs.

These 20 K-Pop songs represent the genre’s diversity and innovation, captivating fans with their unique sounds and performances. Whether you’re a die-hard K-Pop enthusiast or a newcomer, these tracks are sure to leave a lasting impression and keep you coming back for more.

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